Who we are

GQC – Its a specialized Global Gemstone Company supply and trade based in heart of the German Capital, providing a secure channel to delivery high quality colored gemstone to clients in different sectors of the industry.


What we do

Consulting – GQC can provide consulting in distinguish areas like Gemstone Business, Collectors, Buyers, Quantities, Chain Suppliers.

Buyers – Our chain of network can find and supply any kind of colored gemstones, QCG has access to many different mines and sources of Emeralds Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Paraiba Tourmaline, Crystal, Amethysts, Ruby.

Service – Precious and semi Precious gemstones, and other special goods with full knowledge and capability of cutting & polishing, certification, importing & exporting.

Logistics & Network – GQC Logistics Consulting it’s prepared to organize and assist our clients in Gemstone Trade Logistic operations.

Research & New Business– GQC are able to support and advice our clients in new business achievement in different Gemstone Markets.

Colored Gemstone Investment – CGQ has a team of specialist to advice your business in different steps of Gemstone Market, Bank Investment and International Operations with Gemstones.


Who are our clients

Our clients are based in different sector of the industry, corporative, private clients, private banks, brokers, traders, jewelry brands, fashion designers, jewellery chains, funds of investments.


What’s our mission

GQC operates in different international scenarios delivering to our client a vast offer of high quality colored gemstone.

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